Fitness Rooms

Set Up A Gym In: 

Hotels, Apartments, Home Gyms, Health Clubs, Corporate Centers, Police and Fire Stations.

We Can Help!

We will set up your space to create a positive, productive fitness room. Our clients  receive tech support, maintenance and upgrades. Best Deal Fitness provides the most accurate architectural facility design available. Our design engineers will work with you to customize your fitness center to your specific vision and needs while ensuring that your facility can operate efficiently and effectively. Our goal is maximize your available space to ensure that you are getting the greatest return for your dollars spent.

Product Recommendation – 

The right equipment is crucial for your businesses success. With our comprehensive step-by-step process, we will determine exactly how your facility will be used and then we will match you with the equipment that makes the most sense for you, your clientele and your budget.

Best Deal Fitness offers a full range of commercial fitness equipment including cardiovascular, strength, entertainment and flexibility equipment as well as a wide variety of weights, bars, accessories and flooring. We can even provide mirrors and lockers for your facility.

Choose from the finest manufacturers in the world. Best Deal Fitness is a top national dealer of TRUE Fitness, Tuff Stuff, Matrix Fitness Systems, Vision, Spirit, StairMaster and Hampton.