StairMaster SM5 Gauntlet StepMill

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StairMaster SM5 Gauntlet StepMill is a pinnacle of home fitness innovation that brings the relentless challenge of the StairMaster StepMill right to your personal workout space. For over three decades, the StepMill has reigned as the ultimate test of endurance in gyms, and now you can embrace that same intensity within the comfort of your home.

Recognizable by its distinctive design, the StairMaster SM5 stands out among cardio equipment with its imposing set of 8-inch stairs, faithfully replicating the demanding nature of actual stair climbing. Ascending the StairMaster SM5, you’ll experience a meticulously controlled pedal descent, thanks to the unit’s state-of-the-art electronically controlled, chain-driven alternator. This precise control allows users of various fitness levels to engage in a smooth and effective workout, ranging from a gentle 26 steps per minute to an exhilarating 162 steps per minute.

Designed for a holistic workout experience, the StairMaster SM5 boasts additional features to enhance your fitness journey. Stay connected to your heart rate goals with Polar-compatible wireless heart rate monitoring. Find stability and support with ergonomically designed handrails. Stay hydrated and organized with dual water bottle holders, a convenient reading rack, and an easily accessible accessory tray.

Built to withstand the test of time and intense workouts, the StairMaster SM5 exhibits a robust construction with a weight capacity of 350 pounds. The equipment requires a minimum ceiling height of 10 feet and measures 58” L x 34” W x 89” H. Weighing in at 343 pounds, it is a testament to durability and quality craftsmanship.


  • Programs: 10 Programs – Quick Start, Manual, Fat Burner, Calorie Burner, Speed Intervals, Custom Intervals, Random Intensity, Heart Rate Intervals, Calorie Goal, Heart Rate Zone Trainer
  • Heart Rate: Polar® Compatible
  • Additional Features: Water Bottle Holder, Accessory Tray
  • Display Readouts: Time, Interval Timer, Step Rate, HR, Distance, Calories, Calories/Hour, Speed, Watts, METs, Workout Profile
  • Power requirements: 110 V


  • Dimensions: 58” L x 34” W x 89” H
  • Max User Weight: 350 lbs
  • Weight: 343 lbs


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